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More than Gold hill....

Yesterday we drove to the small town of Shaftesbury in Dorset, famous for the ‘Hovis Bread’ advert on Gold hill.

Not only did we see the Gold hill, which is as steep as it looks in the photos, but we met a ‘golden’ guy called John Roland, owner of Salt of the Earth, who are printers for artists and photographers.

We met with John to discuss printing some of our fine art images that we are selling. John explained in great detail the different types of paper and how the printing process worked and what material would be best for us.

We stayed for an hour as we chatted away and he told us about his experiences from owning a gallery to promoting yourself as an artist. The advice was golden and we came away with so many ideas and tips.

John is a wonderful man and a real gold treasure.

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It started in a bar....

It started in a small bar in our home town of Lymington. The small wine bar is called The Cellar. Pete the owner had a young girl playing acoustic guitar. Her name was Carley Varley…yes that is her name!!!!

Well it started from that, we took some pictures with phones and realised that with our background of photography as a hobby, perhaps we could really do something with this.

So, after a few Long Island ice teas and some fab wine we asked if she would like to have photo taken of her playing. Thankfully, she said '“yeah, go for it” so that is exactly what we did.

In 2018 she won the Dorset Musical Talent Award from the Venus Awards and was also an Open Mic UK Finalist 2018. She has performed at the The 02 London, The Ritz and The Waldorf Hotel in London.

She is now recording her first EP which is due out in May 2019 (watch this space!!) and we have the privilege of doing her EP photography. So all very exciting here at RAW HQ!

CV 2 recording ep copy.jpg
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